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Rahm Emanuel Proposes Stricter Gun Laws in Chicago

Carlo Mantuano

Mayor of Chicago wants every gun purchase to be videotaped

On Wednesday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel presented a new proposal that makes Chicago’s gun laws some of the strictest in the country.

The City of Chicago has been trying to address and solve the long-standing issues of violence within the city. Emanuel and his administration proposed an outright ban on gun shops in Chicago in January, which was ruled unconstitutional under the Second Amendment by a federal judge.

The new proposal aims to tighten gun restrictions for retailers and purchasers. With the new proposal, all gun sales would be videotaped, purchasers could only make one purchase a month, and gun shops could not be located within five hundred feet of schools or parks. There also would be a mandated seventy-two hour waiting period for consumers buying handguns and a twenty-four hour waiting period for shotguns.

The New York Times quoted Emanuel talking about the issue.

“The city of Chicago does not have a problem of too few guns,” Mr. Emanuel said. “There are way too many guns from shops in Cook County and from neighboring states that come into the city of Chicago. On any given weekend, our police officers take more guns off the streets than either New York or L.A.”

Emanuel and his proposal seem to suggest that other states are to blame for illegal guns showing up in Chicago. Nevertheless, this proposal still serves to stir up controversy among gun-rights activists, but also citizens who are worried about the surveillance aspect of this proposal.

If the proposal were enacted, gun shops would be prohibited in 99.5% of the city of Chicago.

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