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Psychotic JetBlue pilot rants about religion

Should the JetBlue pilot psychotic be set free or sent to a mental institution?

A judge determined that a reevaluation of the psychotic JetBlue pilot is necessary. This was deemed the appropriate option when Clayton Osbon had another psychotic episode in prison.

In March, Osbon, dubbed the JetBlue pilot psychotic, left the cockpit of an airplane on its way from New York to Las Vegas, and yelled at passengers about Jesus and Al-Qaeda. Osbon also lowered the contrast on cockpit monitors and encouraged a leap of faith.

According to New York Post, a forensic neuropsychologist said the JetBlue pilot psychotic was only undergoing the effects of a “brief psychotic disorder,” and lack of sleep.

No one was severely injured, but a flight attendant’s ribs were bruised when a passenger tried to restrain the JetBlue pilot psychotic.

According to International Business Times, a survey conducted by The National Sleep Foundation showed that one in four pilots suffer from lack of sleep. 

The JetBlue pilot psychotic episode lasted until about a week after Osbon’s tirade of religion.  

Osbon had a difficult time understanding what was wrong with his actions due to what the neuropsychologist testified as sleep deprivation and delusions.

The JetBlue pilot psychotic incident is the second one involving airplane personnel. During the first incident in 2010, flight attendant Steven Slater helped himself to two beers, and dropped down the emergency landing chute to head home.

Being deliberated currently is whether the JetBlue pilot psychotic should be checked into a mental health facility or set free under the claim of insanity.

A decision is required by an Amarillo federal court judge by the end of October.

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