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Priscilla Chan's wedding ring

Jennifer Dimaano


The thought behind the ring

Last week after Facebook opened its IPO stocks, Mark Zuckerburg and girlfriend of nine years Priscilla Chan held a small ceremony in the couple’s Palo Alto home. What’s really important? The ring.

It seems the billionaire didn’t spend an ostentatious amount, like Brangelina’s $250K or Kim Kardashians $2 million engagement ring. Instead Zuckerburg went with a modest ruby, flanked with two diamonds, which is estimated to be worth a mere $25,000.

People may be giving him hell for the simplicity in choice, but there was actually much thought put into the ring. The ring was designed by Zuckerburg himself and chose a ruby out of “cultural significance.”

Chan is of Chinese-decent, and in Chinese culture it is said the ruby is a symbol of wisdom and good fortune. The color red in Chinese cultures symbolizes good luck. According to Michael Arnstein, CEO of the Natural Sapphire Company, “Red has more meaning and emotion in Asia.” He adds on that Chan may have requested the ring being a ruby because it “identifies where she comes from culturally.”

Depending on the quality of the ruby it can range from $20K to $100K. Chan’s ruby is reported to be between 2.75 to 3 carats. According to Michael Arnstein, CEO of the Natural Sapphire Company said, “It’s a small stone, but rubies can be extremely expensive…The value depends on the quality of the ruby, and it’s hard to tell for sure from the photo.” The two diamonds flanking the ruby can add an extra $5,000 to the ring’s cost.

The couple’s low-key wedding had less than 100 guests. Food was ordered from the couple’s favorite restaurants Palo Alto Sol and Fuki Sushi. The couple has been planning their wedding for more than seven months, but did not publicly reveal their engagement.

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