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PowerPot V is great for the camper who can’t part with their tech devices

Editorial Staff

This thermoelectric generator is works in any weather condition

The younger tech-savvy generations have all heard our grandparent’s say “Camping just isn’t what it used to be.” And, it cannot be denied that camping is definitely not the same, since most people can’t part with their smart phones and tablets for more than a second. Unfortunately, these things need to be charged and trees do not have power outlets in them. That is where the awesome PowerPot V comes into play.

Originally a project on KickStarter, the PowerPot V doubles as both a pot to boil water on, as well as a thermoelectric generator that will charge all of your USB devices. The PowerPot V can be put on anything that produces heat, including open flame and any low powered USB tech device can be charged. The PowerPot V is extremely lightweight and a lot smaller than I initially thought it would be. This is actually a positive characteristic of the PowerPot since no one wants to lug a bunch of stuff with them while camping.

The PowerPot comes with a USB port and a flame resistant cable. I do wish the cable could be a little longer because I would like my devices as far away from open flame as possible, but as long as you are smart about it, there shouldn’t be any accidents. You don’t need to fill the pot to the brim to generate electricity, but MAKE SURE you leave at least an inch of water in the pot for when it to cool down and to NEVER let the water burn out while using it, or the pot will short circuit and become damaged.

The PowerPot will also become damaged if you boil anything but water inside of it. So, don’t try to cook up some of your mom’s favorite stew or you will completely ruin your pot. My smartphone took about 2 hours to get 70% , so keep in mind it isn’t going to charge as fast as if it was in a wall.

One of the best parts of the PowerPot is the fact that it works in any kind of weather condition. The worst part about solar-powered charges is it has to be sunny and most of the times, camping requires way too many trees to be around for it to be sunny. The PowerPot works, as long as it is on top of some kind of heat source. This nifty device is perfect for the outdoorsy person that doesn’t want to completely part with their smart devices. The PowerPot V is available on  for $149.

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