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Making your post-grad long-distance relationship work

Janelle Vreeland

Tips to help you keep your post-grad relationship strong

So, the best four years of your life have come and gone, and you’re now graduating from college. But in addition to abandoning “thirsty Thursday” for your full-time job, you’re leaving behind your college sweetheart to snag that gig …which is four hours away! 

Naturally, you’re wondering how you’ll ever be able to make it last, but there’s no reason for you to fret. College News has some advice that might save your relationship.

Remember that if you want to make it work, you can make it work.

Even though the distance may seem unbearable, there are millions of couples who survive it. Besides, being forced to spend a little time apart will make your reunions special. 

Constant communication.

Call, text or email as much as you can. In other words, during lunch breaks, before and after work or any other time you get a free hand.  Nothing shows you care more than spending your free time cultivating your relationship with your partner. Constant and open communication is the key to making a relationship successful.

Let them know you miss them.

Do so by sending flowers or love notes. Tell them you care about them and always think of them while you’re on the job. No one wants to be with someone who doesn’t make them feel special. You need to remind your partner that, even though they’re far away, they’re always in your thoughts. 

Be their number one fan.

Remember, even though you’ve bagged a job, they’re still trying to reach their goals. Talk them through their stress during finals, or  help them with research for a project. If nothing else, just be quiet and listen to them complain.  They’ll appreciate having you there for them even when you’re far away.

Be faithful.

I know you miss your partner, and I know you’re not used to going a few weeks without getting at least a little action. But seriously, don’t cheat. 

With technology, it’s pretty easy to catch somebody messing around.  You never know if the other woman/man is going to post something on your Facebook wall, or start texting sultry messages when you’re with your partner.

Cheating isn’t going to cure your loneliness; it will probably just make you feel like a scumbag. Moreover, chances are you’re going to be caught. So don’t do it, no matter how strong the temptation.

Don’t be overbearing.

 I know it sucks that you’re in the real world while your sweetie is still living it up at college.  But don’t turn into his/her mom just because you don’t get to party every night anymore.  Give your partner their space.  You had your time to shine, so let them have theirs.  There’s no better way to get yourself ‘exed’ then turning into the jealous, psycho girlfirned/boyfriend.

Surprise them.

Fly or drive in one weekend and show up at their door unexpectedly. You might need to communicate with their roommates to make this successfully happen, but seeing their face light up when they see you after being apart for a while will totally be worth it.

Remember: just because you’re partner is far away doesn’t mean you can make your relationship work. 

Couples master long distance relationships all the time; think about all the soldiers away from their loved ones in Iraq!  The distance may seem bad now, but if you really put in the effort, your relationship will probably grow stronger than it was when you were constantly together.  Besides … absence makes the heart grow fonder!

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