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Losing weight and being healthy really boils down to portion control

When losing weight and maintaining that weight loss, your diet needs to be taken into consideration. In addition to considering what kinds of foods you eat and making certain that all food groups are accounted for, portion control also needs to be considered. It’s not enough to eat the right foods, you must also make sure that the portions are correct for the type of food you are eating.

The USDA has introduced the Choose My Plate initiative, urging Americans to give more thought to what and how much they eat. In order to balance calories correctly, you must control your portions by eating less and avoiding oversized portions.

In addition to downsizing some of your portions, you should also increase portions of important food groups. For instance, the USDA recommends that half of your plate should contain fruits and vegetables. Of the grains you have, at least half should be whole grains, and your dairy should be 1 percent or fat free. This will help keep extra pounds at bay and will help keep you fit and healthy.

Finally, when it comes to portion control, there are definitely foods that you should reduce your intake of. Actively avoid foods that are high in sodium (e.g. breads, soups, etc.) and choose their low-sodium alternatives instead. Also, reduce the amount of sugary drinks you have throughout the day and replace them with water. Not only will this help you lose weight, it will also improve your overall general and dental health.

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