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Career profile: Video game design

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Could you be a video game designer?

Imagine getting a degree in something that is so cool, so fun, it’s hard to believe it is part of a school program. There are online programs now that specialize in video game design, and the degree is becoming a popular major for many students around the world.

Earning a degree in this field can lead to great job opportunities, and allow one to have an unbelievable amount of fun. Earning a degree in video game design is not hard, and in fact many online colleges are offering classes currently, and plan on offering more in the future.

During a degree in video game design you will learn all about creating a video game. This means that you’ll engage in graphic design, mapping of the landscape for the game, and more graphic work. Further, those gaining a degree will surely work on soundtrack creation and implementation, as well as creating, and implementing sound effects. Those that take video game design courses should also expect to create a storyboard, or story line for the video game that is being created. Imagine creating a unique story that will be implemented into a video game that millions of people will engage in each year. This is what people that earn video game design degrees are doing every day.

As a video game design major, you will also take general education classes that are offered to help people gain a diverse education. General education classes typically include English, math, history and some type of science course.

These classes will of course make up the bulk of any video game design major’s schedule. This classes should keep people busy enough, but there are also other things a video game design student can do while in school. Part of taking classes in such a unique major is spreading the word, and helping to get insight on the newest technology available. It is not far fetched to imagine many students logging on to online forums, and discussing the latest in technology. These industry specific discussion forums are also the perfect place to share the great benefits of the video game design program that you are currently enrolled in.

Getting a degree in video games can lead to some very exciting careers. Think about the fact that designing a video game could be your day job. Playing video games all day long will no longer be a bad thing for you to do. In fact, when you have a degree in video game design, it will be called work. Those who are involved in this career will be able to express themselves in great ways, as well as earn a nice income. Video game publishers are always looking for new qualified graduates to help them with their design needs. It is predicted in the next 10 years video game sales will outnumber the amount of home movie sales per year. With the increasing interest in this field, it is no surprise that video game design graduates are in demand on the market today.

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