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Pauly D of "Jersey Shore" obtains spin-off

Pauly D has his own show based on his DJing

Pauly D of “Jersey Shore,” plans on showing the world the ins and outs of his journey to become the DJ he is today.
MTV has given him a spin-off called “The Pauly D Project,” which “follows the Rhode Island native as he handles his growing musical stardom,” according to MTV’s website.

Pauly Delvecchio, in addition to his role as a member of the original cast of “Jersey Shore,” has toured with Britney Spears, secured his own radio station on Pandora and signed a deal with 50 Cent’s G-Note Records.

Though, none of his “Jersey” cast members will appear in the spin-off. The show will feature Pauly’s road manager, Michael “Biggie” Morgan, and his personal bodyguard, Gerald “Big Jerry” Gialanella.

Viewers might also witness a guest appearance from 50-Cent himself. Discussing Pauly’s show in December 50-Cent said, “He obviously has a huge platform moving forward. His show is a spin-off from ‘Jersey Shore’…being in front of large audiences every night DJing-we’re gonna make a hit record out of the actual material that we have around and some of the new stuff that we’ll put together.”

“The Pauly D Project” premieres on March 29 at 10:30 p.m. ET.

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