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Paula Patton Makes Al Roker's Dreams Come True

Julia Johnston

Twerking is acceptable and encouraged in Paula Patton and Robin Thicke's household

Elated Roker didn’t even see it coming

Actress Paula Patton appeared on Watch What Happens Live and the Today show to promote her upcoming movie “Baggage Claim”. While she did her share of promoting the film, Patton could not dodge questions about Twerkgate 2013. Paula Patton has been married to singer-songwriter Robin Thicke for 8 years. In case (for some reason) you did not see it, Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus paired up for a racy collaboration where Cyrus was twerking all over the 36-year-old “Blurred Lines” performer at the 2013 MTV VMAs.

Patton gave the expected biased defense of husband Robin Thicke’s VMA performance on the Today show. Patton maintained that she would not have expected the performance to happen any differently because that’s how people dance in the clubs these days. Ms. Patton, what clubs do you frequent exactly? I can’t remember seeing any 20-year-olds in skin-colored latex undergarments sticking out their tongues, pointing at their crotches with an innocent foam finger and grinding into a 36-year-old man dressed like Beetlejuice. But hey, maybe I go to wrong places.

To prove twerkin’ ain’t no thang in the Thicke household, Paula gave Al Roker a few moments he will never forget on the Today show. Paula Patton got in the driver’s seat while an unassuming Al Roker was just along for the ride. Patton took things into her own hands when she said to Roker, “I’ll just do my little dance with you”. What ensued some may have described as “awkward” but to a wise soul it was nothing short of magic. The “ little dance” may have only lasted a couple seconds in harsh reality, but it will certainly last a lifetime in Al Roker’s mind.  After the dance, Al Roker responds earnestly with his hand on the small of Patton’s leopard print clad back, “Paula Patton thank you so much.” Maybe now we know why Paula Patton wasn’t angry at Miley for twerking on her husband.

Forget Bella and Edward. Roker and Patton forever.

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