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Pat Robertson supports legalization of marijuana

Kara Menini

Pat Robertson proclaims his support to legalize marijuana

700 Club host believes legalizing the drug could save billions

Pat Robertson has recently re-stated his stance on marijuana: legalize it! The evangelical Christian host of The 700 Club has claimed that the government’s war on drugs has failed, and this failure is costing billions to taxpayers.

Even though Pat Robertson is the same man who went public with his belief that Haiti had a “pact with the devil,” feminists “practice witchcraft” and the gay community “brings about terrorist bombs,” Pat Robertson is becoming popular among those who may have hated the religious broadcaster in the past. His logic on the legalization of marijuana is simple; regular citizens are put in prison for a small amount of a relatively harmless drug and become criminals because of their time. On March 1st, Pat Robertson said on his show, “I just think it’s shocking how many of these young people wind up in prison, and they get turned into hardcore criminals because they had a possession of a very small amount of a controlled substance. The whole thing is crazy. We’ve said, ‘Well, we’re conservatives, we’re tough on crime.’ That’s baloney.”

Pat Robertson appeared in the New York Times on Thursday, confirming his support for the regulation and legalization of marijuana. The NYTimes quoted Pat Robertson, “I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol. If people can go into a liquor store and buy a bottle of alcohol and drink it at home legally, then why do we say that the use of this other substance is somehow criminal?”

Pat Robertson has been publicly supporting this legalization in light of an upcoming legislation. In November, Colorado and Washington State will vote to legalize the substance giving those older than 21 the right to possess a small amount of marijuana and would allow commercial pot sales. Though if the vote goes through, there will be conflicts as federal law states that marijuana use of all kinds is banned. Pat Robertson said he “absolutely supports” these ballots.

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