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Paris Hilton's Music Career Comes Alive

Adrianna Velazquez

Paris Hilton is an ethereal angel on a cotton candy cloud.

Paris Hilton has been all sorts of successful, from building a business empire that includes fragrances, a hotel, and a chain of Paris stores in countries around the world, and her latest music video for “Come Alive,” the long-awaited single off of her second studio album on Birdman’s Cash Money label doesn’t fail to deliver.

Hilton, 33, can be seen sitting on clouds like an ethereal angel and spending time with a unicorn in her latest music video. The bleach-blond can be seen in various bedazzled outfits while running through flower fields and dancing in front of the moon.

The song carries an electro pop vibe accompanied by romantic lyrics making it a perfect dance track.

The video is fun and over-the-top, but that’s just who Hilton is: fun and carefree.

Check out the video here

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