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P90X Announced for Xbox Fitness on Xbox One

Katy Hollingsworth

Courtesy Shutterstock

Ever tried P90X? Fans of both the intense fitness program and Microsoft can rejoice as it heads to Xbox One.

Most fitness fans have tried P90X at some point or another in their quest for getting into shape. It’s an intense and sometimes insanely difficult way to get in shape quick–without any gimmicks or fad diets. Just a ton of really hard work.

Microsoft announced today that P90X will be heading to Xbox Fitness as an Xbox One exclusive for $59.99. Tony Horton will be pushing you to your limits in five all-new custom routines.

The game will require a Kinect, so purchasing for the Kinectless Xbox One isn’t much of an option. The Kinect will ensure that your form is perfect and your routine results in some serious toning.

P90X for Xbox Fitness will release in mid-August and will include a complete downloadable calendar and nutrition plan.

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