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Obama and gun control laws

The debate over gun control laws battles on

By now I’m sure you’ve seen it, the newspaper headlines, the trending hashtag, and the Anderson Cooper follow up interview via CNN about Obama and gun control laws.  

This article will focus more so on my opinion of Obama’s coalition against or not so much against but for gun control laws that already exist to be fully enforced.  This week he signed several executive orders that directly relates to federal gun control laws specifically to background checks, mental health, and an increase in budgets for the agencies that go after illegal guns.  The country reacted mostly because while addressing the nation, he began to cry when talking about the tragedy that happened back in 2013 at Newtown elementary.  He went on to say that it was one of the worst days of his presidency.  I think people forget that outside of being a President he is still a human being.  He is a father.  He took an oath, to lead the Free World to the best of his abilities and he is addressing the gun control law issue that has been up for “debate” for decades.

The main issue Americans have with our second amendment right to bear arms is that people looking to do harm have overly abused it and gun control laws.  Within the last three years we’ve seen the rate of mass murders skyrocket throughout our country.  A few weeks before the holidays we experienced another shooting in California where the assailants purchased the weapons through legal channels, again opening the expanding wound of gun control laws.

Obama also included in his executive orders a budget for technological advances for assault rifles.  He is not a perfect person, our President but he has surely proves that he understands the majority and that he’s not afraid to go up against a small handful of people who are powerful and think they should control the way the rest of us live.  The public interest group that represents gun sellers and gun owners is the National Rifle Association better known as the NRA. Their supporters advocate that the NRA created substantial programs that serve to also protect our country.  Evidently these programs don’t work and we usually only hear about them once the debate of gun control laws becomes a hot topic.

The general consensus from anti-NRA supporters is that if you’re looking to be productive in your industry why would you go against gun control laws that will stricken policies that had led you to be seen as the bully in the first place.  President Obama’s coalition, as I’ve called it, doesn’t take away any rights that we hold.  It simply protects and enforces the laws and provisions that are necessary so that we know who’s buying a gun and what they’re buying it for, which is all gun control laws are essentially.  If we make it more difficult for the bad guys to get the guns then we save more lives, period.

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If you’re an individual looking to purchase a gun you should want to go through harder or, stricter I should say, channels to make sure weapons don’t land in the wrong hands.  Gun control laws are the exact same mentality when boarding a plane post 9/11.  I have traveled from the United Kingdom and I’ve seen passengers who have been asked to be searched again before boarding the aircraft after they had already cleared the mandatory security points.  My name is Muslim and my travel documents have been flagged where I had to go through extra questioning.  I understand that since September 11 and the rapid growing of fundamental Islamic nations these are the necessary questions I must go through to protect the rest of us.  I have nothing to hide.

Maybe the NRA does. How do you feel about stricter gun control and gun control laws?

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