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Non-alcoholic wine better reduces health risks

Mackenzie Dye

Non-alcoholic wine offers better benefits, according to the University of Barcelona

Taking the alcohol out of that red wine can boost benefits

Non-alcoholic wine may become the new unwinding beverage. New research shows that the benefits known to having a glass of red wine are less than the benefits of having the same wine without the alcohol.

The research conducted at the University of Barcelona, led by Gemma Chiva-Blanch, found that red non-alcoholic wine reduced blood pressure in men at risk for heart disease better than red wine or gin. The study included 67 men who had diabetes or three or more heart disease risk factors, according to WebMD Heath News.

As past studies have proved, those who drank the red wine had a slight reduction in blood pressure. The gin had no effect, but the biggest outcome of the study was the results of the red non-alcoholic wine. When the men consumed 10 ounces of red non-alcoholic wine, researched saw a 6 mm Hg drop in blood pressure and a 2 mm Hg in diastolic blood pressure.

Although those numbers may seem small, the result of such changes in both types of blood pressure resulted in a 14% lower risk of heart disease and a 20% lower risk of stroke. “The daily consumption of dealcoholized red wine could be useful for the prevention of low to moderate hypertension,” said Chiva-Blanch and her team, according to NBC.

Previous findings regarding alcoholic red wine’s benefits on heart health led to researchers warning about over-consuming. Now, the healthier non-alcoholic wine is available to those not looking for a buzz with their dosing.

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