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NFL dresses in Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

Jalesa Hall

Pink could be seen on football fields across America, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

From the coaches to the players, the NFL is doing their part to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, reports CBS News. To stress the importance of women over 40 getting yearly mammograms, the league partnered with the American Cancer Society.

Footballs with pink decals, goal posts painted pink, the NFL is actively helping to spread the word. According to Think Before You Pink, the original breast cancer ribbons were peach colored, because of Charlotte Haley, a woman that was making them in her dining room. Estee Lauder got word of it, but to their dismay, the woman refused to work with them. Lauder changed the color to pink and a movement began.

The American Cancer Society reports that breast cancer kills almost 40,000 women a year, while 230,000 get diagnosed. The Society also recommends self-examinations starting as early as a woman’s 20s and emphasizesthat prevention is key to battling this.

Some of the athletes, such as Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals, have lost someone to breast cancer, making this awareness is personal.

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