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Newt Gingrich hacks campaign staff

Editorial Staff

Newt Gingrich falling deep into debt

Republican presidential hopeful still in the race though

Newt Gingrich, despite having to slash his full-time campaign staff by a third, scaling back his campaign schedule and replacing his campaign manager, he is determined to stay in the GOP race, reports the LA Times.

In an interview Wednesday with WTOP-FM, Newt Gingrich stated, “Romney has to earn this. It’s not going to be given to him.” He added, “None of you guys would call a football team or a basketball team and say, ‘Why don’t you drop out?’ You’d say, ‘There’s a season. Let’s play the season.’”

The former Speaker of the House of Representatives has only managed to win primaries in South Carolina and Georgia since the race kicked off in January of this year.  However, Georgia wasn’t a surprise, given that Newt Gingrich was previously the state’s congressman.

The Federal Election Commission, in their filings, showed that Newt Gingrich’s race to the White House had a $1.5 million debt last month. 

Though, a Gingrich spokesman, RC Hammond, noted that he will primarily focus on winning delegates who select the frontrunner of the Republican race in August.

GOP hopeful Rick Santorum said, “I think it is time for all the Republican candidates to coalesce behind me. You know, let’s just have a conservative nominee to take on Barack Obama.”

While Santorum and Newt Gingrich may be trying to rally all the support that can muster, Mitt Romney is well in the lead and seems to be the most likely candidate to take on President Obama in November.

However, Newt Gingrich is already attempting to go toe to toe with the president. He responded to Obama’s comments in regards to the Trayvon Martin shooting, stating:

“Is the president suggesting that if it had been a white who had been shot, that would be OK because it didn’t look like him. That’s just nonsense dividing this country up. It is a tragedy this young man was shot. It would have been a tragedy if he had been Puerto Rican or Cuban or if he had been white or if he had been Asian American of if he’d been a Native American. At some point, we ought to talk about being Americans. When things go wrong to an American, it is sad for all Americans. Trying to turn it into a racial issue is fundamentally wrong. I really find it appalling.”

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