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New Apple products coming this fall! What gadget's next?

Rob Gilmore

Apple could be releasing whole slew of new products as early as summer.

Could a smartwatch be in Apple’s future, a new Apple TV? Rumors swirl.

Apple is days away from reporting its second-quarter earnings, and ABC News is reporting Apple CEO Tim Cook has admitted this afternoon that the future is bright for all you Apple lovers out there.
“Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software and services we can’t wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014,” Cook said on the company’s earning call, as reported by ABC News.  He also mentioned that the team is working on “exciting new product categories.”

When asked what specific products he was talking about, Cook said,”I don’t want to be more specific, we have some really great stuff coming in the fall and across of 2014.” 

Even though he didn’t mention what those products would be specifically, Apple is known to be working on some pretty cool new devices, like a smartwatch that works with the iPhone and a television-type device, that might replace the current Apple TV.

There are even reports that Apple might be working with Intel to develop a smartwatch with a 1.5-inch PMOLED display, according to Wired. 

Apple’s recent investments in curved display technology would work perfectly with a wrist watch, and remember all the people who wore the last version of the iPod Nano as a wrist watch, with bands from third party bands sold in Apple stores.

If anything is certain, Apple is ready and willing to get into the 70 million-per-year unit market by 2017, as companies like Nike, Adidas and Motorola begin shipping the latest gadget.  The device would fit perfectly, according to Wired, for a company that offers mobile and desktop devices in a wide variety of forms, from the macbook air to the iPod shuffle.

Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted that growth has slowed for the tech giant.  They have increased their stock buyback program from $10 billion to $60 billion, and Apple stock’s dividend will increase by 15 percent to $3.05 per share. 

Apple is rumored to be releasing the next version of the iPhone and iPad sometime this summer or early fall.  We can’t wait!

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