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Never Fear The K-VAPE is here

Editorial Staff

The portable dry herb vaporizer is a must-have

If you live in an area where oils or concentrates are not readily available, then it is imperative that you get a vaporizer that can cook up some dry herbs. However, dry herb vaporizers often look like some massive apparatus that looks like it fell off the side of a space station, that is as confusing as it looks.

That is where the K-VAPE from KandyPens comes in. Featuring a sleek, black design. The K-VAPE already wins because it is aesthetically pleasing. Rather than a big, clunky apparatus that feels like you are trying to smoke out of a Samsung Galaxy, the K-VAPE fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.  Featuring an easy LED button that is red while charging and green when ready to use, this vape is so easy to use that even a stoner monkey could figure out how to use it.

The K-VAPE features 3 temperature settings that indicate, which temperature it is on by the LED light below the power button. The 3 temperatures are 360F, 380F and 420F, with essential non-combustion technology, which means no more torching your herbs!

One of my biggest problems with portable dry herb vaporizers is that you have to keep reloading the chamber because the chamber doesn’t fit that much in it. Not only is the K-VAPE nice and compact, but the chamber is massive compared to other portable vapes. The website says you can fit up to .6 grams of herb in the chamber, but I fit around .7 grams in there rather nicely.

The K-VAPE has a black rubber finish, which helps when the vape gets a little too hot to hold on in your hand when you are trying to go for the hottest setting. If anything is wrong with your K-VAPE, don’t freak out because you will have a lifetime warranty.

All around, the K-VAPE gets two thumbs up from me and it is available for the doable price of  $119.95. Check it out here on the KandyPens website.

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