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Public service jobs combat recession

Editorial Staff

Graduates choose public service but what jobs are available?

Working in public service jobs could be the right decision to beat the recession. Since the recession has made finding a job right out of college difficult, many students are turning to a career in public service positions. 

As College News previously reported, in 2009, 16 percent more young college graduates worked for the federal government than in the previous year and 11 percent more worked for nonprofit groups. 

“It’s not uncommon for me to hear of over 100 applications for a nonprofit position, sometimes many more than that, and many more Ivy League college graduates applying than before,” said Diana Aviv, chief executive of Independent Sector, a trade group for nonprofits. “Some of these people haven’t been employed for a while and are happy to have something. But once they’re there, they’ve recalibrated and reoriented themselves toward public service.”

Although there is a renewed interest in public service jobs, what jobs are actually out there for college students? One route would be to work for AmeriCorps or Teach for America. Both of these after college programs have had record numbers of applicants in the last couple of years. 

AmeriCorps is one way that a recent college grad can break into the work force, while also making a difference. According to the AmeriCorps website, they offer 75,000 job opportunities to adults of all ages and backgrounds. Those that work for AmeriCorps could get a job tutoring disadvantaged youth, improve health services, build affordable housing, teach computer skills, clean parks and streams, and manage or operate after-school programs to name a few.

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