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Neptor NP056K-BL portable charger solves the woes of a smartphone

Editorial Staff

Portable charger will charge your phone on the go


Smartphones are a great technology, but their battery life is virtually non-existent. Fortunately, things like the Neptor NP056K-BL portable battery charger exist! The charger fits in the palm of your hand and comes in a variety of easy to locate colors, such as bright blue, neon orange, neon green and bright red. This is good for the person like me whose purse turns into a bottomless pit when trying to find something in there.

The Neptor charger can charge up two to devices at once with two USB ports on the side of the device. There are a series of blue LED lights on the front of the charger that shows you how much you phone has been charged, which is really handy because it prevents you from having to look at your phone every 5 seconds to see how much it has charged.

It also charges really fast, almost faster than my wall charger! The only downside to the Neptor is that its battery life only lasts about 1 full phone charge, which means you will have to have your phone charged, plus the Neptor in order to have it as a useful backup in case your phone dies.

If you want to check out the Neptor for yourself, grab it at for $49.99.

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