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Neil Patrick Harris gets a 'B' for hosting the Emmy's

Emily Vasquez

Neil Patrick Harris wearing his infamous suit and tie

Neil Patrick Harris’ hosting duties may be wearing him out


The eloquent and understated Primetime Emmy Awards celebrated their 65th year this Sunday with an array of twists that included unexpected winners and a host unlike himself. Neil Patrick Harris hosted the widely renowned Emmy Awards for the second time but has been noted for falling short of his usual charming demeanor.

Instead of opening with his usual operatic dance numbers and draw of witty jokes about the years hits and misses in primetime television, Harris gave audiences a tame performance, more “educational” as he put it. The opening was not the energized dance routine that he is recognized for but a pre-recorded segment of Harris on a TV binge, surrounded by hundreds of television sets, indulging on the ‘Best’ of the season. Not sold? Neither are we.

One segment did however include a barrage of former hosts critiquing Harris’ hosting. Former hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Jane Lynch and Conan O’Brien joked with Harris, on how they were not chosen to be hosts once again. It was clear that his presence was not meant to dominate the show and might not be welcomed again.

Harris assumed a subtle disposition, surprising the audience with one dance routine that held no true substance, but instead declared as the mandatory middle of the show filler. His performance was shaky and lacked the natural jump we have all seen him capable of. Harris’ past hosting duties include the Tony Awards, hosting for the past 4 years in a row. Last night’s performance was that of an exhausted host, with few laughs and shaky acts.

Given, this year’s Emmy’s were scattered with memorandum’s of the recently deceased and left everyone scratching their head over the winners and “losing the Emmy’s office pool,” as Harris cleverly predicted.

For Harris, perhaps this is a sign of the master of ceremonies slow demise from hosting duties.  Harris’ next hosting gig has yet to be announced. 

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