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Murder By Death Releases Big Dark Love

Mike Gregory

Big Dark Love

A Review of Big Dark Love

Murder By Death is a phenomenal indie-rock/alt-country band from Bloomington Indiana that was formed in 2000. Signed to Bloodshot Records, the energetic five piece band blends a unique mix of instruments to include guitars, bass, drums, mandolin, the trumpet, cello, piano, and even an accordion. Top all of this off with singer/guitarist Adam Turla’s crisp, soulful vocals, and you have a recipe for awesome!

I’ve recently had the fortune of reviewing the newly released Murder By Death album, and I got to say that I am really impressed by the sound of Big Dark Love. This album is a bit different from some of their previous releases, in that it has a unique mix of the Murder By Death sound that fans have come to love, yet it contains an almost evolutionary twist to their indie-rock sound.

Big Dark Love’s tracks are all very good and its refreshing songs like the ebullient Natural Pearl, which will have you stomping your feet and humming along right from the very start. The first track of the album, I Shot An Arrow, is very catchy, and from the moment Turla sings “Tires burnin’ in the backyard, smoke risin’ on the plains” hit your ears, you’ll be hooked.

Other notable tracks on the album include the dramatic, and distinctive Send Me Home, which has the most beautiful cello work within its core, and title track Big Dark Love is a dark and gothic track, and it has become one of my personal favorites.

Murder By Death has produced something refreshing and new with Big Dark Love, not only in the outstanding quality of their writing, but also the richness of their sound.

Murder By Death is currently on tour and if you’d like to see their schedule, learn more about this astounding band, or to buy Big Dark Love, please check out

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