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Miss Delaware Teen Stripped of Crown, After Stripping for Camera

Rob Gilmore

Miss Delaware Teen Pageant Strips Melissa King of Crown, after evidence of porn video surfaces.

Melissa King, former Miss Delaware Teen, Gives Up Pageant Crown after Doing Porn Video

TMZ is reporting that Melissa King, former Miss Delaware Teen, has submitted a letter of resignation to Miss Teen USA pageant officials.  King, who was crowned last November, resigned after allegations surfaced that she participated in a pornographic film last year, according to TMZ. 

An amateur porn website posted a video with a woman who looks and sounds suspiciously like the Delaware teen.  Though she officially submitted her resignation today, she still denies allegations that the woman in the video is her. 

King was crowned Miss Delaware Teen USA only four months after allegedly shooting the video, which was made sometime in June.  In the video, the girl speaks directly to the camera, claiming that she just turned 18 in March, which is King’s birth month.  She describes her favorite sex position before the sex actually begins.

According to Gawker, the woman in the video mentions to an off-camera interviewer that she participates in beauty pageants and is doing porn because she needs the money.  “It’s not a big secret. But I didn’t tell anybody specifically what I was doing,” the woman said before engaging in sex acts with an unidentified man. 

A representative for the pageant has confirmed to TMZ that King has turned in her crown but denied knowledge of whether King actually appeared in the video- saying that she needed more details.

Though kicked to the curb by Miss Teen USA, hardcore sex site YouPorn has reportedly offered King $250,000 to be the site’s spokeswoman.  As obtained in a letter by TMZ, the site would like to crown King their “Miss YouPorn.” 

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