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Leprosy groups prompt Aardman to alter "Pirates: Band of Misfits"

Editorial Staff

Scene from "Pirates: Band of Misfits"

Leprosy joke will be altered in theatrical release

Leprosy groups who took offense to a scene in the trailer for the upcoming animated film “Pirates: Band of Misfits” have gotten their way.

SFGate reports that animated filmmakers Aardman will be altering a joke referring to leprosy in the theatrical release of “Pirates.” In the film, a joke is made that a pirate ship doesn’t have any gold because it’s a leper boat. Following that statement, the sailor’s arm then falls off.

Leprosy groups expressed concern that the scene could increase the stigma and discrimination felt by people suffering from leprosy. Aardman has responded, saying they will alter the scene “out of respect and sensitivity for those who suffer from leprosy.”

You can watch the trailer for “Pirates” — including the leprosy joke — below. What are your thoughts? Is the scene offensive? Is it all just a joke?



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