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Michelle Obama's convention speech rallies Democrats, humanizes Barack

Jason Oliva

Upon winning the Democratic nomination in 2008, the Obama's exchange a fist bump.

First Lady Obama opens the DNC with sentimental memories

Michelle Obama kicked things off Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention with an emotionally-charged speech recounting hers and Barack’s time spent in the White House. Though meant to pull at the heart strings of the everyday American, Michelle’s speech, some say, carried too much sentimentality and the politician’s inevitable “rags to riches” cliché.

Michelle’s speech, however, did just as it was supposed to. It riled up Democrats to stand tall for their party’s leader in President Obama by painting a picture of the President’s unwavering American spirit to change class inequalities. Michelle’s speech also humanized President Obama in her recollections of The First Couple’s early relationship years, and how even now, 23 years later Barack is still the same man she fell in love with.

Nothing is wrong with all the hearts and love and mushy pre-Presidential romance, but that seems to be the theme with First Lady speeches, as seen with Ann Romney’s presentation of husband Mitt at the Republican National Convention last week.

Though Michelle’s speech caught some flak about being strong, yet not eternal in memory, it did get the point across of a President who is for the people and who comes from the same likeness of the struggling people he strives to help.

And is that not at the heart the Democratic spirit?

Michelle Obama, like any devoted spouse, displayed support and confidence in her husband by encouraging America that although the times have changed, Barack has not and that we should also be confident in a leader familiar with and devoted to a cause to keep our fair country moving forward. 

The Democratic National Convention wraps up Thursday, Sept. 6 with President Obama accepting his party’s re-nomination. Michelle merely just warmed up the crowd, now it’s Barack’s turn to fire them up.

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