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Melissa King is Delaware’s Fallen Angel

Reka Forgach

Melissa King pre fall from grace

Beauty Pageant star resigns after [alleged] sex-tape is released

Melissa King seemed to have it all going for, in the Beauty Pageant sense of the term at least.  The (former) Miss Delaware answered all the questions right, and all the judges and even E! critics agree that she embodies all the poise and perfection fitting a Beauty Queen.  Melissa King is was in the National Society of High School Scholars, a gymnast and cheerleader, and “fell in love with giving back!” a long time ago.  Melissa King hopes to someday work for a big fashion magazine in New York.  Alas, Melissa King was the best cliché to win Ms. Delaware Teen USA.

Thus, her resignation through a lawyer could have been caused only by cataclysmic circumstances, and an alleged Melissa King sex tape seems to fit the bill.  Comments in a porn video containing a starring Melissa King look-alike allege that the beauty queen is the star, and the film is loosely based around a pageant star that “likes being on top.” 

In the clip from the video Melissa King, or her unfortunate doppelganger, answers her partner’s questioning why she decided to make a porno, with “I thought it’d be fun and it sounded like I needed the money.  So I just decided to do it.”  Hm.  Not very smart, giving back, or cheerleader-y.  Or at least that first part.

Melissa King, obviously panicked, has not released extended explanations after her resignation.  Melissa King’s Lawyer, J. Gregory Hannigan promised that “A statement will be issued, but not today.” 

If, perchance, a Melissa King opponent amazingly planted this video to undermine the competition – umm, more subtle Tanya Harding style – all this writer can say is, that’s cold.  As for Melissa King possibly having a porn star twin-status look-alike… Maybe a beauty queen shouldn’t have “one of those faces” that “everyone thinks they recognize.”

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