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Meet the newest drinking game revolution

Editorial Staff

Over The Line tests the limits of inappropriateness with their adult card game

Meet the newest drinking game revolution.

ROAD HEAD, QUEEFING, MIDGET TOSSING, TWERKING, CROP DUSTER, BUKKAKI, WHISKEY DICK, AND NAKED GRANDMA.  When I hear those words I think, damn, I wish there was a way that I could act or draw those words in front of my friends. Now there is that opportunity! Over The Line is a hilarious party game that is a combination of Charades and Pictionary only the words are completely inappropriate and go Over The Line.

Warning: Just like Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens or Never Have I Ever this is certainly a game to play with people you are comfortable to joke around about topics such as race, sex, religion, or bodily fluids.  If anything Over The Line goes even past the offensive thresholds of those games.  Over The Line is so over the top it could make a drunk blush.

Here is an example of the obscurity of Over The Line:  I watched a video of a family playing Over The Line.  It appeared that there were 6 college aged students playing with two of their parents.  The timer gets turned and the mom of the group at about 60 years old grabs the first card.  Her eyes bulge out of her head and a large smile spreads across her face.  She instantly grabs her nose and begins to fan off her vagina with her hands.  Her team begins to blurt out different words. Farting, queefing and numerous words for pooping are being yelled out by the team.  Then somebody screams smelly vagina.  She signals that the team is close by pointing to the person who guessed smelly vagina.   She continues to stand there with her hand pinching her nose and wafting her hands over her vagina in a pendulum motion from hip to hip. 

The hour glass sand timer is about half complete when somebody screams out pussy. She stops wafting her vagina and points to the person to signal that yes pussy is part of the card.  The time is close to being complete and she begins to get more and more frantic.  She starts pointing towards herself then grabbing her nose and continues wafting her vagina….and she continues to do this while half the room is on the ground laughing.

The hour glass has about 15 seconds left and the middle aged lady is now jumping up and down with her hand over her nose frantically waving her hands over her vagina.  Nobody is even guessing words any more. All that can be heard is uncontrollably laughing.  The middle aged lady starts to get frustrated which only causes her arms to waft faster and higher.

As the sand begins to come to the end her fully extended arm is going back and forth from shoulder to shoulder and she can’t believe that nobody is able to guess.  Time, somebody from the other team yells.  The middle aged lady in pure disgust and frustration turns over the card for everybody to see and throws it in the air while yelling MY PUSSY SMELLS….THE GOD DAMN CARD IS MY PUSSY SMELLS.

If you enjoy the politically incorrect type party games with your drunken friends, Over The Line is perfect for you. Check out Over The Line Party Game at OverTheLineGame.Com.  You won’t be disappointed checking out the website just to watch people drawing, acting and screaming offensive words while playing this awesome game. Enjoy!

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