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McDonald's Employee Caught Selling Heroin In Happy Meals

Martin Hempfling

The McDonald's in question is located at 6361 Penn Ave. This photo, however, was not taken on site.

Drugs delivered upon saying the catchphrase “I’d like to order a toy”

Yet another diabolical concoction of pleasure and pain is served up at a Pittsburgh branch of the nation’s most popular fast food outlet! McDonald’s—best known for its Happy Meals, scalding hot coffee, and food of such high quality it never decomposes—is again in the spotlight, this time due to an industrious employee who thought the familiar “Happy Meal” ought to be even happier.

26-year old Shantia Dennis designed a simple, yet marginally successful system of dealing heroin through the franchize’s Happy Meals. Customers who were in the mood for some Big Harry with their Big Macs, or some ferry-dust on their french fries, or a Matsakow-laced Mcflurry, would simply pull up to the speaker and order the Happy Meal “toy” first, using the code phrase “I’d like to order a toy,” then proceed to the window to obtain their drugs and diabetes.

After a tip from an informant, undercover officers from a local narcotics enforcement team built a strong case against Dennis, having bought 10 bags of heroin in stamp-sized packets and recovering 50 more on her person. Authorities have not yet disclosed the how long the Heroin Meal operation had been running.

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