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Maryland lottery winners are all school workers

Billy Gardner

Maryland lottery winners are all school workers

See what they plan to do about their jobs

A woman in her 20s, a man in his forties, and another woman in her 50s are all proud holders of a $35 million lottery ticket. Oh, and not to mention all three Maryland lottery winners are involved in school districts and work multiple jobs to make ends meet.

“These are the kind of people you’d like to see win,” said Stephen Martino, the director of the Maryland Lottery.

The three Maryland lottery ticket winners have chosen to remain anonymous. It won’t be as easy to keep quiet once each of them has a $35 million wire transfer show up on their bank statement within the next ten days.

Another winner in Kentucky also chose to remain anonymous and yet another winner has not come forward from Illinois. Check your tickets people there’s still a chance.

Two of the Maryland lottery winners are teachers and the other one works in administration for a school, here’s the kicker though, all three have stated that they will continue their current jobs.

“They were so clearly committed to their kids,” said Martino about the two teachers. “When we asked them, ‘Are you going to continue to teach?’ They both said, ‘Yes, I can’t give up my kids.’”

Now students all over Maryland are now forced to wonder if their teacher is a multimillionaire from the record breaking lottery of $656 million. The world may never know but either way these three school workers teach a good lesson as to what is important, even when you do happen to receive $35 million dollars from the announcement of a little plastic ball. 

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