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March at the Movies

Rosilene Taylor

Theater Inflations

Opening in the box office this month are quite a few must see films for both adults and children. We have the new Divergent installment ‘Insurgent’, a brand new Liam Neeson Film entitled ‘Run All Night’, and even a brand new Cinderella. As this month of must see films approaches, let’s look at how things have changed in the expenses of one of Americas favorite pastimes. Going to the movies has always been something exciting. As children, there was an anxious desire to get in there and stare in awe of the massive screen and moving figures. Adolescence and adulthood gives a new perspective on the movie scene, albeit a similar excitement. Perfect for close dates with a new beau or even with a long-term flame, you are able to enjoy the closeness of one another without the need to have continuous conversation. Which works wonders afterwards as well seeing as to how you are able to converse about the movie on your long drive home. So, as we live in the world of the internet, have movie sales gone down due to the –almost always- free nature of online streaming? The Business Insider suggests that it is far from losing revenue. Yep, there are a few theaters that have closed their doors or sold their rights, however, there are quite a few more that have adapted to the changing times. In 2104, the average price of a single admission ticket was placed at $8.15 which is an incredible rise from the price of $6.50 a mere ten years ago in 2004. Theaters have also been revamping their atmosphere, implementing larger luxury seats, better food selections, and even other sources of entertainment within their doors. All of these methods are meant to draw in both new and repeat customers, thus bringing in big bucks. Hey, don’t worry about the prices of a movie ticket and all that comes along with it. Remember, there are ways to avoid these high prices, and keep money in your pockets. Most theaters are offering discounted tickets during their ‘slower’ hours and/or days of operation. These days will typically fall during the week and will exclude special showings such as IMAX. You can also look for special times in which you would be able to obtain cheaper concessions and even game tokens. Heading to the movies is always going to remain exciting and can be done in a cost effective fashion. So, look for these discounts and watch one for me!

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