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Man in horse mask takes on Hurricane Sandy

Jill Treacy

A man in a horse mask pulled a prank in the middle of Hurricane Sandy

The jokester lightens the mood by taking a quick jog during Hurricane Sandy


The man in the horse mask was caught on video Monday as a local news station was filming a weather segment on Hurricane Sandy in Washington. The man, decked out in only swim trunks and a horse head mask, can be seen in the background of the weather segment video jogging through the harsh winds and rain. The man behind the mask, Jimmy Kruyne, and his prank were an instant internet sensation as the video immediately went viral.

The odd hilarity of a man in a horse mask lightened the mood of the recent Hurricane Sandy events, if just for a little. Kruyne, an Arlington, Va. native, can be seen running slowly and without purpose back and forth on the sidewalk behind the reporter being filmed. Once in awhile he stops and looks at the camera and after a few minutes runs off down another street. The camera repeatedly zooms in over the reporter’s shoulder to catch the man in the horse mask running to and fro. A quick look at Kruyne’s Twitter account before the event revealed his plan: “The news crew is down the block, I’m thinking horse mask and swimming trunks?”

Well played, sir. When asked why he had the horse head mask handy, Kruyne said, “I actually bought it a couple years ago, just for fun. I thought it would be nice to have a horse mask around in case something comes up.”

Yes, such does come in handy often. The real question is, where will the man in the horse mask show up next?

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