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Madonna tour demands as extravagant as ever

Sara Hall

Madonna's tour demands are seemingly as extravagant as ever.

Madonna reportedly requesting 200-person entourage, furniture shipped from home

The latest reported Madonna tour demands are crazy, and seemingly right on key for what the star has asked for in the past.

In Touch magazine is reporting Madonna, 53, has a slew of requirements for her tour. She must have a 200-person entourage, 30 bodyguards, a yoga instructor, an acupuncturist, a team of personal chefs and a dry cleaner.

The magazine is also reporting she needs a dressing room that is filled with white and light-pink roses and lilies with six-inch long stems (exactly). The room must also have 20 international phone lines.

Other Madonna tour demands include a room draped in special fabric (although the fabric was not named) so her hotel room can feel like home.

She requires all furniture be removed from the remove and be replaced with her own furniture pieces that she ships in just for the occasion.

She also requires her chef to prepare strictly vegan foods as part of the list of Madonna tour demands.

No word yet has been released whether these Madonna tour demands are consistently met.

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