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Love Your Pet Day calls on pet owners to show some extra love

Meredith Dobes

Love Your Pet Day is today, so pay your pets a little extra attention.

Love Your Pet Day is today, a little known holiday set aside for pet owners to shower their pets with attention and love. For most pet lovers, everyday is Love Your Pet Day, but Feb. 20 has been set aside as the official holiday.

So how many people might be participating in Love Your Pet Day, even unknowingly? According to, 57 percent of American households own either a dog or cat. Nine in ten pet owners consider their pet a member of the family. Americans spend nearly $5 billion on holiday presents for pets. Nearly half of the pet-owning population talks to their pets. There are over 50,000 veterinarians in America today, which is a 55 percent increase from 15 years ago.

Love Your Pet Day is easy to recognize. You could give your furry (or scaly) friend a walk, a little more attention, a new toy or some treats. Some businesses may be offering special deals and promotions for Love Your Pet Day, so see what you can find.

According to studies done by the Center for the Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine, interacting with pets can help ease stress, increase relaxation and decrease loneliness.

Playing with your pet can help you stay fit and get you out of the house, away from the suction of technology. Pets can also help you meet other people. Pet owners tend to socialize together, and neighbors may be more willing to talk to you if they see you with a pet.

Show your pet some extra love for Love Your Pet Day. It will benefit you and your little friend.

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