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Locked Out NBA Players call Michael Jordan a Hypocrite

Molly Huscroft

Michael Jordan

Players betrayed as Jordan sides with fellow owners for salary cuts

Former NBA superstar and current Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan has come under fire for his role as a leader among NBA owners in the current lockout.

Jordan is among those owners pushing to reduce players’ share of the income from 57 percent to 47 percent. Players are outraged by Jordan, who made close to $30 million in his final season with the Chicago Bulls and also told Washington Wizards owner Abe Pollin during the last lockout in 1998, “If you can’t make a profit, you should sell your team.”

According to USA Today, at his Hall of Fame induction in 2009, Jordan said that players, not organizations, win titles. Now that he is an owner, Jordan seems to have entirely switched teams.

According to, locked-out players have largely criticized Jordan, especially via Twitter. Wizards guard Nick Young tweeted, “I’m not wearing Jordans no more. Can’t believe what I just seen and heard from MJ. Elvis Done Left The Building.”

“Damn MJ. That’s how you feel?,” Indiana Pacers guard Paul George tweeted. Golden State Warriors rookie Klay Thompson replied, “You think the 1996 MJ would pull this? Straight hypocrite bro.”

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