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Meet your new travel companion

Jamie Ballard

This jacket is being called the Swiss army knife of travel

This jacket by Baubax could solve all of your traveling woes

Anyone who has hopped on an airplane to catch a bus to a train to a busy hostel knows that traveling, though rewarding, isn’t always easy. You have to keep track of at least 3 important documents at any given time, while making sure you didn’t leave your phone on the counter at Starbucks, while fumbling around for your inevitably tangled earbuds, so you can unearth your bulky iPad from the case inside the pocket of your carryon. Enough.

This jacket by Baubax is called “The World’s Best Travel Jacket.” And it is. It contains an impressive amount of features – a neck pillow, eye mask, gloves, earphone holders, blanket pocket (blanket sold separately), koozie drink pocket, iPad pocket, a telescoping pen zipper, a stylus that’s also part of the zipper, a smartphone pocket, a sunglass pocket, a microfiber cloth, a passport pocket, and (my favorite) handwarming pockets.

At the time of writing, the jacket had raised $898,754 on Kickstarter, far exceeding the $20,000 goal. You can still go pledge support for the jacket, or wait until it hits retail shelves later this year. 

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