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Linge Shoes Can Save You From High Heel Woes

Editorial Staff

These ballet flats are perfect for sticking into your purse

So, us ladies know that we all have those nights where we have on a pair of super cute pumps, but after an hour dancing turns into leaning against the wall and bobbing your head and that turns into full out sitting and grimacing in pain after a full hour.  During these nights, I always wish that I had an extra pair of flats that I could throw on, so I could thoroughly enjoy the rest of night. That is where the amazingly cute Linge Shoes come into place.

Linge Shoes are super adorable ballet flats that come in an assortment of colors from teal to nude, they have you covered. These ballet flats slip right on and are so flat that you could actually fold them up and fit them inside of a medium-sized wallet. Although these flats are cute enough to want to wear everyday, I would not suggest these flats for constant use. They are so flat that they could hurt your feet and a few walks on a rough sidewalk will tear them up for sure. Cute shoes to wear around the house or to use them to gain some relief from uncomfortable shoes are precisely the right way to use Linge ballet flats. Grab some Linge Shoes for yourself on their website.


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