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Lindsay Lohan is pregnant, maybe

Iesha Pompey

Is Lindsay Lohan with child? Her April Fools Day tweet has over 5.7 followers confused.

Lindsay Lohan tweeted that she’s pregnant on April Fools Day.

Lindsay Lohan is pregnant, possibly. She or one of her very responsible spokespeople sent out a tweet from her official Twitter account last night around 10:45 p.m. PST that said, “It’s official. Pregnant…” The tweet has been “retweeted” over 17,000 times and liked about 6,000 times. As if the criminal starlet needed any more publicity, fans are questioning if the tweet was a late April Fools joke, it was after all the night of April 1st.

If she is pregnant, there’s a possibility that reported boyfriend Avi Snow, the City of the Sun guitarist, is the father. There’s also the possibility of Lindsay Lohan beginning her pregnancy documenting in rehab. She was offered a plea deal, for last year’s charges of reckless driving and lying to officers last year. Her lawyer, Mark Heller lessened her sentence; Lindsay Lohan now has to spend 90 days in a lock-down treatment facility, do 30 days of community service, and endure 18 months of psychotherapy.

Her 5.7 million followers are wishing her well and already suggesting baby names for Lindsay Lohan like “VodKaren” and “Colecain”, jokingly hinting at Lindsay Lohan’s history of drug and alcohol abuse. Another follower suggested that Lindsay Lohan start stealing baby clothes, referencing her jewelry theft accusations. However, other fans are taking the news quite seriously and supporting their favorite actress by hoping the maybe baby will help Lindsay Lohan turn her life around and have something greater to live for aside for courtroom hearings.

Perhaps the tweet would have been taken more seriously if it were tweeted any other day. But most bets are the actress is having a little April Fools Day fun while sending the media into a frenzy and inching ahead in a downhill race with another Nickelodeon star, Amanda Bynes who recently asked Drake to “murder” her vagina.

Either way, it seems that everyone will be happy for Lindsay Lohan. All except her boyfriend Avi Snow who only tweeted about a tour stop in Missouri yesterday.

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