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Levi Johnston still hasn't grasped the concept of birth control

Kara Menini

Levi Johnston with then-girlfriend, Bristol Palin

Alaska native announces pregnancy with girlfriend of about a year

Levi Johnston is going to be a father for a second time. The same guy who became famous because he was the baby daddy to Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, who was pregnant during her mothers campaign during the 2008 elections. His son, Tripp, is now three years old but Levi Johnston has had a rocky relationship with the Palin family for most of his son’s life. “Myself and my family, we try to see Tripp whenever we can but it’s funny even trying to talk to Bristol and make it right,” Levi Johnston told TMZ. “I’m still going to fight for Tripp and do everything I can but I’m really looking forward to being able to raise my new child the way I want to.”

Levi Johnston is fathering baby number two with his current girlfriend, 20-year-old Sunny Oglesby, who he has been dating for just over a year. According to reports, Oglesby, who lives in Wasilla, Alaska, is only a couple months along, but Johnston’s rep confirmed the news with Us Weekly. The couple has said they are “really excited” about the news. Johnston told TMZ, “Sunny and I are looking forward to raising a baby together.”

Levi Johnston admitted the baby news came as a bit of a shock but said, “Things happen and we are both happy with what came of it.”

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