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Let’s Talk About Lube: Fiction Versus the Facts

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Imagine, two people are about to have sex. One person asks their partner “Do you have lube?” The second person scrambles to find “lube” in their bathroom, only to come back with a bottle of lotion or a tub of coconut oil. “This is all I have.” If you have not experienced this yet, you probably will.

Lube is one of the most misunderstood and underrated sex aids. Lube is the BEST intimate tool we have at our disposal. Using lube during sex can make a world of a difference. It can make or break a sexual experience. Ask yourself if you would rather have a more enjoyable and satisfying sexual experience or the opposite? Yet, no one seems to want to talk about it!

As a sex educator in a feminist-owned sex shop in New York City, the mere suggestion of sex lube to a customer would get a negative reaction or defensiveness. “I get plenty wet on my own.” “Lube is only for old people.” “I do not need lube.” “I can get my partner plenty wet on my own.”

Here is a question for you, do you use Chapstick or lip gloss? When your lips are chapped, the natural inclination is to lick your lips. However, that only keeps your lips moist for a moment. Lip balm is necessary to keep your lips hydrated and protected. Think of lube in the same regard.

How to best use lube?

Here are a couple more ways to use lube. Add a few drops of lube inside the condom and greatly enhance sensations. Lube increases stimulation on the head of the cock and prevents the condom from breaking. With dental dams, put a few drops of lube on the side of the receiver. It will allow the dam to move easily and in harmony with the giver’s mouth and tongue. With the combination of the material of condoms, the vulva can often lose its natural moisture.

For anal sex, lube is mandatory, as this orifice does not self-lubricate. Bad friction plus no lube can often result in micro-tears to your delicate skin. OUCH! Sex should never be painful! Lube helps to eliminate the potential for discomfort. So while you may believe you don’t “need” lube, you should definitely want to get some.

Lotion, Vaseline, coconut oil may be more readily available to you in your dorm room. However, these products are not great substitutes for real lube. Now that you are more informed, it is the time to switch to a body safe lube that is designed specifically for sex like Amor Oral that offers a large variety of flavored lubes that taste great for oral and are pH neutral for intercourse!

Understand your partner’s needs

Women have varying amounts of natural lubrication. Above all, it is important to clarify that the lack of natural lubrication doesn’t suggest a person’s lack of arousal. When giving a blowjob or hand-job, lube will make increase sensations and enjoyable effects.

Moreover, many factors can affect moisture levels such as medications, stress from finals, caffeine and dehydration. There are parts of our bodies that do not self-lubricate such as the shaft of the penis, nipples and the anus. Communication is key. Always check with your partner. Be vocal about your wants and needs.

If you ever become bored with plain lube, I would recommend adding a fun element to the mix: FLAVORED LUBE!

Amor Oral flavored lubes

First of all, featuring a variety of delicious body-safe lubes, Amor Oral offers over 50+ flavors which are safe to consume and will not stain your sheets! Score! Amor Oral Lubes can be found on and are:

  • 100% edible, pH neutral and hypoallergenic for improved adult fun
  • Water based formula contains a balanced mixed of flavors and edible, food-grade ingredients
  • 100% Toy Friendly with only food-grade ingredients to improve lubrication and pleasure
  • American made

Amor Oral lubes not only tastes great but smells amazing too. Great sex engages all the senses. Put lube in the fridge for an hour and then pour it onto the body for temperature play. Add a blind fold (with consent of course) to add a bit of kink!

Flavored lubes are a safer alternative to using whip-cream or honey. Externally, these foods are fun to play with on the body. But can wreak havoc on your genitals. Flavored lube can be poured onto other parts of the body such as the thighs, butt, neck or nipples for some fun tongue and mouth action! Have fun, be safe, enjoy your sex life with Amor Oral.


By offering the world’s largest selection of flavored lube, Amor Oral is the leading provider of personal lubricant for monantic rendezvous and memorable night of passion. Extra yummy and professionally formulated using only pure quality food-grade ingredients our organic lubes are the yummiest and safest lubricant solutions for lovers. 

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