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Les Miserables trailer officially debuts, today

Jennifer Dimaano

An all-star cast is to join in a production.

The new Les Miserables trailer has officially come out with Anne Hathway belting out to “I Dreamed a Dream.”

Hathway, who will be playing the role of the forsaken prostitute Fantine, will be added to the long list of those singing renditions of the popularized—Lea Salonga, Lea Michele, Susan Boyle, along with many others—song from Les Miserables. Although, not everyone is enthusiastic about Hathaway’s portrayal of Fantine during the trailer.

According to Washington Post blog writer Maura Judkis, “Hathaway may have been doomed to fail in the eyes of “Les Mis” purists and Broadway fans…that may have been why she took this approach: a meek and whispery rendition, rather that the traditional belt-it-out showstopper.

Going on to criticizing Hathaway, “that may be a more realistic way for a dying prostitute to sing, anyway.”

Along with Hathaway, an all-star cast is to accompany her. Hugh Jackman will be playing Jean Valjean, Russell Crowe as Inspector Javert, Amanda Seyfried as Cosette and Eddi Redmayne as Marius. Others names to be featured in the movie will be Sacha Baron Cohen, Colm Wilkinson and many others.

Les Miserables is a French novel written by Victor Hugo set in 1862. The story is centered on Jean Valjean, played by Jackman, whose tale starts when Valjean is imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread. The setting takes place during the June Rebellion—the anti-monarchist rebellion of Paris. Les Miserables has been made known through many theater and film adaptations.

Oscar winner, Tom Hooper will direct the film. Hooper is known for The King’s Speech. The film adaptation of Les Miserables will hit theaters December 14.

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