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Legend of Korra

Book Two is expected to premier 2013

The season finale of Legend of Korra ended last Saturday, but many fans are still not over the hit TV show! Fans want more.

On Twitter, JstShawn tweets, “Woke up. Might as well watch the finale of Legend of Korra again.” DarrenCriss tweets, ” AH LEGEND OF KORRA. Tears everywhere. Amazing. Thanks yet again, Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko-two of my favorite storytellers.” According to a tweet by Apple Legend of Korra‘s episode Skeletons in the Closet is their most popular TV episode.

Since Avatar: The Last Airbender went off the air after a short three seasons, Nick producers have been at work to fill the demand to revive the popular show.

Legend of Korra is set 70 years into the future with the re-incarnation of the new Avatar, Korra. The show follows Korra’s misadventures into Republic City, the city the previous Avatar, Aang, built. Amon, the antagonist, is leading a revolt against all benders of Republic City, and Korra, along with her friends, Mako, Bolin, Asami and Aang’s son Tenzin are fighting to defeat Amon and take back Republic City to its initial form.

Legend of Korra was intended to be a miniseries—which explains the haste towards the end—but due to the positive remarks Book Two is expected to premier in 2013. On the show’s Facebook page there is a post that writes, “Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm! We’re working hard to make Book 2 just as (if not more) amazing!”

Prior to the season finale, the show’s creator, Michael Dante DiMartino answered a few fan questions that touched upon the show’s direction. Fan Dr. Dardo asked, “Will book 2 stay confined to Republic City the way book 1 did?”

DiMartino answered, “I would say it’s a mix of both. There’s definitely a significant part in Republic City, but there’s also a little more exploration of some other areas which we won’t tell you about just yet.”

Bryan Konietzko answered, “It’s definitely not as confined, but like Mike said, about half and half.”

The show concluded on some finer points, like Mako and Korra’s relationship, how Amon was able to take away someone’s bending. As well as leave room for some questions that drives the storyline into Book 2, such as the untimely introduction of characters such as General Iroh and Commander Bumi. Along with, what will happen to the state Republic City, now that Amon is “gone?”

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