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Kurt Busch reprimanded for profanities

NASCAR driver off the tracks for inappropriate behavior

NASCAR put its racer, Kurt Busch, on probation for speaking inappropriately to the press, and for purposely driving out of control on the track. Busch uses profanities and threats to answer reporters’ questions.

In an interview with Bob Prockass, a well-known member of the media, Kurt Busch told him that, “It refrains me from beating the s— out of you because you ask me stupid questions. But since I’m on probation I guess that’s improper to say as well.”  Prockass was asking Busch about his driving style on track since his probation began.

Kurt Busch also lost his position at Penske when the company saw footage of the driver spitting profanities at Fox News’s Dr. Dick Berggren. And in 2005, Kurt Busch lost his job at Roush-Fenway Racing for the same reason.

Twitter user Nascarcasm tweeted, “Fox’s retirement gift to Dick Berggren – telling him he doesn’t have to interview Kurt Busch once he exits his car…”

Fox News reports that despite his achievements in the Nationwide and Sprint Cup series, Kurt Busch proceeds to show an unpredictable side in press interviews. Fox news also reports their belief that Busch’s actions are not unusual, and that they should be accepted.

While NASCAR drivers are filled with just as much emotion as any other type of athlete, reporters can go up to drivers as soon as they finish a round. But in other sports, reporters do not run up to athletes and immediately begin asking them questions. Fox News suggests that this difference could be the reason for Kurt Busch’s behavior.

Kurt Busch accepts responsibility for his words and said, “I accept NASCAR’s decision. I put them in a box. They had to take action and it’s my fault for putting them in this position.”

His probation is set to last until Dec 31st.  

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