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“Kourtney and Kim Take New York” Season Premier

Danielle Olipra

Kim Kardashian

Season premier showed Kim and Kris Humpries constantly at odds

Contains no spoilers.

You know how Kim Kardashian’s marriage ended, and Sunday night on the Season 2 premier of “Kourtney and Kim Take New York”, everyone saw how the speedy decline began.

According the New York Post, Kim decided to file for divorce while viewing raw footage for the show.  Kim was “absolutely mortified when she saw on camera the way that Kris was treating her.”

A trailer for the second season had shown Kim fighting with her brief husband Kris Humphries, a shot of Kim crying, and ended with her sister Kourtney asking, “Can you live with Kris?”  So if it couldn’t be figured from the preview, the season premier showed the couple as not agreeing on much of anything, setting it up for Kim’s decision to make as much sense as possible.

Despite all the negative attention swirling around Kim since her divorce, she remains focused on her future.  “Kim will be using the show to attempt to rehab her image,” a source told the New York Post.  A silly little thing like a divorce won’t keep Kim off the air, so perhaps when the divorce drama disperses, Kourtney and Kim really will take on New York.

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