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How to not annoy your roommate

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How to not annoy your roommate with an alarm clock

Tips on how to not wake your roommate because of your alarm clock

Have you experienced your alarm waking up your roommate and do you want to know how to not annoy your roommate?

When you and your roommate have different class schedules or have different lifestyles of early bird and night owl, it is very common that you do not wake up at the same time. The problem is it’s hard not to wake up your roommate, while making sure you wake up on time.

iLuv has been in the market with a bed shaker to meet your needs. iLuv’s award-winning Vibro series featuring its unique, vibrating pillow shaker has been receiving accolades for years. Now, SmartShaker™, wireless smartphone-controlled Bluetooth® bed alarm shaker makes it a lot easier. Just set the alarm on your Smart Phone through the easy-to-use app and SmartShaker™ is programmed automatically.

Patent-pending SmartShaker™ is a small, slim disc-shaped alarm that can be placed comfortably under pillows. Once users pair the SmartShaker™ to their smartphones via Bluetooth® Smart, they can adjust their preferred alarm settings selecting from silent vibration, audible alarm tones, or both through the free, easy-to-use app available for iOS and Android.

If you select the vibration only option, you can get up on time without waking your roommate. You can be awakened discreetly without disturbing anyone else in the room. Your roommate may not even realize you’re leaving the room and would appreciate your thoughtful consideration.

Are you a heavy sleeper? Do you need to wake up in a few hours for an early class or exam? You can select both sound and vibration. SmartShaker vibrates three times stronger than an iPhone’s alarm. It would remind you of how your mom woke you up at home. You can also select one of 5 alarm tones for the sound. Although smaller than traditional alarms, SmartShaker™ retains must-have features such as a convenient snooze button.

One of the problems you have when you use a smartphone as your alarm clock would be disturbing push notices, alerts, and calls. Since the SmartShaker alarm works independently once set up is done, you can place your smartphone in a different room, charging overnight. Since electric waves from a smartphone would hurt your health when you put the phone next to your pillow, SmartShaker can be a great substitute.

If you thought it would work only a few hours similar to other Bluetooth speakers, you would be amazed by how long it can work. The robust rechargeable battery inside the SmartShaker™ allows it to be used for up to a month before recharging. The latest in Bluetooth® wireless technology, Bluetooth® Smart is incredibly energy efficient and minimizes power consumption. When the battery is low, just recharge it with the included Micro USB cable.

You would like the slim and compact design. You can sleep with it comfortably as you would not even feel the lightweight SmartShaker under your pillow.

It is available in five colors to match to your preference: black, white, blue, green, and pink.

iLuv’s SmartShaker™ has an SRP of $19.99 and will be available at and other select retailers.

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