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Colorectal Cancer: Preventative medicine is key

Kara Menini

Colorectal cancer complications put Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees' in a coma

Singer Robin Gibb recently woke from coma caused by cancer treatments

Colorectal cancer is the leading cause of death for men in the U.S. and third leading cause of death for women. Most recently, colorectal cancer has been in the news because of Robin Gibb, 62, of The Bee Gees’. He recently woke from a week-long coma that was caused by treatments for his advanced colorectal cancer.

Colorectal cancer caused Gibb to undergo two operations and chemotherapy treatment. The treatments, according to Rolling Stone were aggressive and lead to brain swelling as a result of liver failure. Because of that, Gibb’s body’s defenses were done and he contracted pneumonia which lead to his loss of consciousness last week. Gibb’s gastroenterologist has been amazed with his recovery. He told Rolling Stone, “Only three days ago, I warned Robin’s wife, Dwina, son, Robin John and brother, Barry, that I feared the worst. We felt it was very likely that Robin would succumb to what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles to any form of meaningful recovery. As a team, we were all concerned that we might be approaching the realms of futility.” According to reports, Gibb is still exhausted and malnourished, but is doing better in intensive care.

Colorectal cancer is deadly because a number of people will not experience symptoms until the colorectal cancer is in its advanced stages. The most common symptom is blood in the stool, caused by growing tumors that can start to bleed during “the passage of feces through the colon,” reported The Sun Daily. Although genetic predisposition is a cause for colorectal cancer, dietary and lifestyle habits can also cause it. Smoking, obesity, diabetes and consumption of large amounts of red meat have all been linked to colorectal cancer. Those who have a high fat, low fiber diet are also at risk for the disease.

The best way to keep clear of colorectal cancer is preventive medicine. A high fiber diet can lead to a reduced risk of colorectal cancer as well as the consumption of berries and nuts. It has also been reported that the spice turmeric has the ability to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells in its three growth stages. It’s also a smart idea to regularly see a doctor for a colonoscopy and blood marker tests.

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