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Keri Walsh has pinkeye but will continue competing

Sara Hall

Kerri Walsh pinkeye will not keep her from competing.

Walsh is taking antibiotics to prevent her pinkeye from spreading or worsening

Keri Walsh has pinkeye, but it is not preventing her from continuing on in the Olympics. The Keri Walsh pinkeye case has left her left eye red and watery, causing her to squint on Tuesday at the meet-and-greet arranged by the international governing body of beach volleyball.

To end the Keri Walsh pinkeye case, she is taking antibiotics, hoping it will end as quickly as possible.

Keri Walsh-Jennings and her partner Misty May-Treanor are currently two-time defending Olympic gold medalists and have opened the London Games with victories in their first two matches in pool play with an almost guaranteed spot in the knockout round.

The Keri Walsh pinkeye case may have come from her husband, Casey Jennings, who also has an eye infection. His case, Walsh said, is much worse than hers.

”It looks like his eyeballs got their butts kicked,” she said.

Her sons have avoided catching the Keri Walsh pinkeye case, but she said she has not been allowed to hold them as to prevent passing it along to them.

”It’s not pretty, so we’re trying to keep that away from him,” she said. ”I didn’t even get to hold Sundance last night. I saw him in the stands, and he looked at me like he was so mad at me. So I need to love him out today, but I can’t kiss him or it would infect him. I don’t want to give him this.”

The Keri Walsh pinkeye case has also kept her from high-fiving her teammates. Still, she is not letting her pinkeye keep her from continuing to compete.

”It’s super minor,” she said Tuesday at a meet-and-greet with reporters. ”It just looks worse than it is.”

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