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Introducing Singer-Songwriter Michelle Raitzin

Rachel Geiger

Michelle Raitzin

Michelle Raitzin is a 22-year-old independent singer-songwriter who has recently released the song “Bitter Valentine.” The song tells a story about being heartbroken and destroyed by someone that you deeply love. The track is memorable largely due to Raitzin’s beautiful and powerful voice. The artist definitely has a soulful voice that is similar to a mixture of Adele and Christina Aguilera. The dance mix by Kaw Beats takes this sad ballad into a dance jam! Raitzin’s striking voice still remains as the strong center of the song. It’s a fun remix for “Bitter Valentine.”

Michelle Raitzin is best known for being on NBC’s “The Voice.” During season four, she was on Team Blake, where she learned a lot from the talented country singer. Besides being on the popular singing show, the artist has also performed in musicals such as “Into The Woods.” She has continued performing in venues such as coffee houses along with Hotel Café and House of Blues. Her energy and passion radiates to her audiences.

Most recently, Michelle has announced that she will be releasing a four-song EP. The songs will be filled with sounds similar to the genre that “Bitter Valentine” falls into. The genre is pop music blended in with jazz and soul. Based on what we’ve heard so far, this EP will be an amazing one and I personally look forward to hearing more from this artist!

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