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Keep Warm with Ushanka’s Russian Hats!

Editorial Staff

Feeling chilly?

**This content is sponsored by Ushanka**

A traditional Russian winter hat with earflaps Ushanka (also known as Trapper hat or Aviator hat) will keep you cozy, comfortable and fashionable all winter long: just tie the warm ear flaps beneath the chin, on top of the crown of your head, or at the back, this will give you three different styles or looks.  Wearing ear flaps down protects ears, bottom of the chin, nape and top of the back of the neck from the cold.
The word “ushanka” translates from Russian as “with ears”. In Russian “ushi” means “ears”.

Extremely warm and comfortable to handle even the frigid Russian winters, ushanka is great for cold days outdoors: skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hunting, fishing or anytime you need to keep warm and in style.

Throughout history, old fashioned Russian Ushanka has inspired various other hat styles, such as Trapper, Bomber brand hats or Aviator hats. Numerous other winter hats with earflaps, spawned by the original Ushanka style, are common nowadays. Unlike cheap knock-offs and offers of the above named “ushanka style” hats, our top quality hats are genuine products made in Russia or Belarus from the highest quality locally manufactured materials only! offers winter hats made from mouton, sheepskin (lambskin), rabbit fur, genuine leather and faux fur. The interlining of our hats is padded with combination of wool, flax fibers and cotton. Lining is made of cotton fabric – serge.

Ushanka winter hat is more than just stylish, the combinations of how you wear it to the conditions of the weather, make it invaluable!
Ushanka has been time-tested over centuries of use by the hardy Russians to withstand their harsh winters.
There is no better hat made for this in the world.
Get one now and fear no winter storm.

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