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Katie Holmes as “Slutty Pumpkin”

Danielle Olipra

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes to guest star on “How I Met Your Mother”

The character of the “Slutty Pumpkin” girl has been a part of the “How I Met Your Mother” script for six years.  On Monday, Katie Holmes will play the mysterious character and finalize “a story arc that has been in development over the years,” says

Each year at Halloween time, the character Ted mourns the loss of his could have been romance with a girl dressed as a slutty pumpkin he encountered at a costume party years ago.

Monday night, Ted will be reunited with his precious pumpkin as Katie Holmes makes her first guest appearance on the popular series.  Dressed in bright orange with strategically placed cutouts, her role is designed to “give the audience a laugh or two for their Halloween treat.”

Read more and view a clip here.

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