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Katie Beers breaks 20 year silence with memior

Iesha Pompey

Katie Beers recalls being chained to a coffin sized box as a toddler.

Katie Beers remains positive about the 17 years she spent in her neighbors basement.

Katie Beers was kidnapped at 10 years old and molested in her neighbor’s basement for 17 years. Twenty years later, she’s releasing her memoir that recounts why she is grateful for the kidnapping that saved her from the abuse she’d endured since she was a toddler at home.
Katie Beers went to live with a foster family that sheltered her from the media after her neighbor, John Esposito, was arrested for the kidnapping and molestation. She now lives in rural Pensalvania with her husband and children and hopes her memoir “Burried Memories: Katie Beers’ story” helps others and gives her a chance to be a inspirational or motivational speaker.

While writing the story, Katie Beers interviewed her former kidnapper, who is now serving 15 years in prison. John Esposito admits he’s guilty but also says he feels that he’s had enough punishment and initially thought his crime would be beneficial for the both of them according to

As most victims, Katie Beers has connections to things like chocolate mints that remind her of her time in the basement. Chocolate mint candies among many other junk foods were fed to her repeatedly during the 17 years she spent in her neighbors basement. She recalls having a small tv and watching photos of herself on the news and news anchor who is co-writing the book with her.

In her prior home, Katie Beers was chained in a coffin sized box and molested by her godmother’s husband, Sal Inghilleri, according to One officer involved in the case says she handle the situation better than most 9 year olds because she was already used to being abused.

Katie Beer’s is breaking her 20 year silence and delving into the memories she once tried to repress as a defense mechanism during her upbringing with her foster family. Though she appeared on the Dr.Phil show and the cover of People Magazine to promote her memoir, Katie Beers says she will be fine if nothing comes of the book. Her main concern is to help other victims.

“I’m very satisfied and happy with my life,” she told

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